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Wrong Address Policy

Oops!  I entered the wrong shipping address... Now what?

We are sorry that this happened, and we have definitely been there.  We understand that mistakes happen, and we want to do whatever we can to get your order to you ASAP!

However, we are asking you, the customer, to understand that every time we have to re-ship we end up losing money on the sale.  Not just losing profit, but losing money.  We would like our customers to review and please be understanding of the following policy:

If you have made an error in entering your address, we will need to send you an invoice to cover the complete cost of re-shipping your order once it has been returned-to-us.

This policy is not our preference, nor is it our first choice.  However, the simplest solution to this problem is to carefully enter and review your address as you are placing your order.  If you realize there is a problem with your address, please contact us as soon as possible, and we would be happy to fix it! ♡


Puerto Rico Addresses / Please keep in mind!


Puerto Rico‘s common addressing consists of various formats, such as:

Samples of Puerto Rico's common address formats.

Samples of apartment buildings and condominium with street address.


Certain condominiums are not located on a named street or have an assigned number to the building. The name of the condominium is substituted for the street name.

Sample of condominium without a street name.

The word CALLE is commonly placed before the street name and number. CALLE means STREET in Spanish, and placing the word CALLE prior to other address components is proper use based on Spanish composition. In addition to the word CALLE, the word AVENIDA or its abbreviation AVE may also appear in this position.

Taken from: USPS